RapidBlast has developed the perfect package for starting your own mobile dustless blasting business. We are contractors and have created the SD120 for other contractors, as we know exactly what they want and need.

A package ready for business

The SD120, by RapidBlast can be used for rust, paint and graffiti removal, and also the restoration of old buildings and vehicles.  We have packaged this with a trailer setup that is fully customisable for your own business. If you are searching for the perfect business opportunity and you like to work with your hands, consider establishing one using The SD120. There are endless benefits to working for yourself.

Fully Australian

Invest in an Australian mobile dustless blasting unit, and choose The SD120. They are designed, manufactured and assembled in Australia, by Australians. Spare parts are readily available locally, which makes this perfect for long-term use. Because there are no import and currency exchange costs, we can keep our units thousands of dollars cheaper than others in the market.

Innovative design

The SD120 provides up to 2 hours of blasting, which makes it 100% more efficient than other units on the market that use the same types of media. Ours even supports multiple media types that are heavier than water, including glass and soda. Our units come with an inbuilt wash-down feature, so there is no need for extra equipment. All components are durable, highly-functional, and brilliantly designed.

Extensive kit contents

We want to set you up with everything you need for your own mobile blasting business. The SD120 kit includes the following contents:

Customisable trailer setups

Each of the unit and trailer packages is fully customisable, and ready-to-go for you to launch your new business. We can even customise the colours to match your own branding. The full package includes:

Easy-to-add features

The SD120 package can include almost anything else you can think of. Easy-to-add features include a larger trailer, storage and tools boxes, and or pressure washers.

More questions?

Our team at RapidBlast can assist you with further questions regarding the SD120 package. We want to support you in buying the best equipment at the best price, so you can launch a profitable blasting business of your own. Phone us on 1300 822 569, or visit www.rapidblast.com.au.