About RapidBlast™

Dustless Blasting Australia Abrasive Blasting Specialists!

Life is about options and choices. This is where RapidBlast™ was born.

RapidBlast™ promises to offer a leading wet abrasive blaster at an affordable price for the Australian market.

Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in Australia with all parts and valves sourced locally, RapidBlast™ is a true Australian.

“We wanted to offer the Australian market a leading Dustless type Blasting Machine that is not just off the shelf”

We should be able to have choices. This is why RapidBlast™ offers a fully customisable Wet Abrasive Blasting Pot.

From colour choices to control box relocation we offer the first customisable pot that actually suites our clients application.

Purple pot with rainbow pin stripes? No problem!!

Controls on the left because they get in the way of your truck? Of course we can!!



Fully Custom. From colouring to control layouts, there are no limits with RapidBlast™.



Flash rust inhibitors for use in blast water to stop flash rusting for up to 72 hours.

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